We can prove you with all your fabric needs, weather for personal use, resale, or wholesale.  Our warehouse is filled with over a million feet of high quality material and fabrics for all your needs.  Our prices are exceptionally surprising, leaving any competition in the dust. 


    We have fabrics for pretty much anything, and our unimaginable collection of colors, patterns and materials make it even easier to find what you want fast and finish what you have to do, fast!


    For more information and any specific question, please feel free to contact us.  You may also walk in and witness our beautiful and exceptional gallery of different fabrics.


You may call us at : 310.441.0806


    We also have years of hands on experience in custom tailoring and alterations.  With state of the art machines and talented tailors, you will find our services to fit your needs the best.

    Customer satisfaction is also our fist priority, along with top quality jobs and fast turnarounds. 

    We can perform almost any type of alteration.  To speak to one of our professional staff just call us, or walk in today.   For out location and contact information please refer below.



   O T H E R   P R O D U C T S   A N D   S E R V I C E S

    Aside from exceptional high quality fabrics, great alteration service and unbeatable prices, we also do custom jobs.  If you have any projects in mind, please contact us as soon as possible.

    We also have a great collection of tailoring accessories and tools.  A huge selection of buttons and many more extras to assist you with your tailoring needs. 

    Come in today and also checkout our beautiful collection of decorative pillows and more unique decoration ideas!


   L O C A T I O N   &  C O N T A C T


Phone:  310.441.0806 Location:

Pavilion Fabric
10669 West Pico BLVD
Los Angeles CA, 90064
United States of America